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New research: The Trust Governance Professional


The Trust Governance Professional is a fairly new and still-evolving position - and, as yet, there's little consistency in the seniority of this role at the highest level. 

As the sector continues to grow rapidly, job titles and reporting lines for the role vary widely. Research by GovernorHub indicates that perhaps more than a quarter of lead governance professionals don’t sit on the trust central executive team.

It reveals clear benefits to the professionals themselves when they take a seat on the executive team, in terms of support for their work and their professional development. The report also hears about the benefits to trusts, in terms of joined up communication, strengthened links between the executive and non-executive teams, and greater effectiveness of the governance function throughout the organisation.

GovernorHub invites you to consider the issues raised in their latest report in light of the high expectations that the government rightly sets out for the role and function of governance in our education system. It's hoped their research serves as an opportunity for trusts to review their systems and structures, to make sure that these high expectations are being met.

Read the GovernorHub Insights report 

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