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"Can you just" be a governance professional?

Article Governance Officer Apprenticeship

For all those responsible for governance in school trusts

We know that the governance professional role in school trusts is exciting and varied, requiring specialist knowledge in a range of areas – but that those in the board-facing role do not always receive a comprehensive induction. We are here to solve this challenge, through the launch of Trust Governance Deliver.

  • Have you just had board-facing governance and compliance within a school trust put into your role?
  • Have you or do you want to move from maintained school governance to academy governance?
  • Does your Trust want a governance professional but is struggling to appoint one?
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Emma Perkin, Director at Trust Governance Professionals

Can you just... clerk our LGB... Trust Board... admissions and exclusions appeal... complaints hearing. If you are a governance professional, does this ring any bells?

My whole governance career spanning over two decades has been a series of “can you just” moments. Like many of the governance professionals I talk to day to day, I received no formal induction and the sector has been on a journey to embed more performance management.

I vividly remember my first academy trust board meeting almost a decade ago. I had worked for a voluntary aided (VA) school for over a decade and thought I understood governance. I phoned my husband – who was a Headteacher at the time - and said I didn’t understand about two-thirds of the discussion. I learnt on the job. I wonder if this resonates?

The good news is that for governance professionals now that sense of isolation and lack of guidance doesn’t need to be true.

We at Trust Governance Professionals support those working in academy governance – offering Trust Governance Insight, our flagship professional development programme, and now we are delighted to be launching Trust Governance Deliver.

Simply put, Trust Governance Deliver is the induction for academy governance professionals into academy governance that we at Trust Governance Professionals wish we had been given when we did our first role. We at Trust Governance Professionals are the sector specialists practitioners supporting academy governance professionals. In short we have all done the job, or do the job, so we understand your lived reality.

For all those responsible for governance in school trusts copy

Trust Governance Deliver is a virtual guided induction course for academy governance professionals. What makes it special? Designed and delivered by the leading academy governance sector practitioners, the content at its core is highly practical, and designed to fit round your day job and your life. It offers bite-sized modules that can be undertaken at any time. Every module is accompanied by guidance, to share what this means for you as a governance professional in practice and what it means for your board.

The course combines a series of virtual self-guided modules, monthly live peer reflection groups and practical guidance, offering a ‘one stop shop’ for vital advice and support, equipping you to build effective governance in your trust and thrive in role.

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GovernorHub logo blue perchWe are grateful that GovernorHub has supported the development of this programme as part of their ongoing commitment to the training, briefings and support for those in governance. Those on our course will get one year’s free access to GovernorHub Knowledge with its suite of resources to support your role.

You can find out more about Trust Governance Deliver by clicking on the link. And if you have any questions or would like further information on the programme, please email us at [email protected].

Trust Governance Insight (TGI) is the leading programme of on-going professional development  for academy governance professionals in our sector, and is unique in being run by governance professionals for governance professionals.

TGI represents a vibrant professional development community with over 200 members. Joining the programme means you will be up to date with governance changes, hear about innovative practice and access a peer support community sharing ideas and issues using the GovernorHub portal.