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About us

GovernorHub was born back in 2012, from an idea to get everything governors needed online, in one place. Since those early days, we've been on quite a journey. GovernorHub is now used by 13,000 schools and 120,000 users around the country, working in partnership with local authorities and clerking services. Our focus on giving governors what they need, all in one place, has never wavered though.

GovernorHub became part of The Key in May 2020, and we've been working closely together ever since to support great governance in school and trust governing boards.

We're on a journey to bring The Key's expert advice and guidance for school and trust governing boards within GovernorHub itself, so it's even easier to access, whatever your role and setting. We've brought them together in name, too, calling it 'GovernorHub Knowledge'.

> You can try GovernorHub (and GovernorHub Knowledge) for free for one month, by purchasing a subscription either from us, or from one of our many partners.

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