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More than a quarter of students taking GCSEs this summer have been persistently absent this year, according to new data. Nearly half of disadvantaged GCSE students missed 10% or more of sessions during the first 2 terms of the year [Tes Magazine- registration required]. 

Support from GovernorHub Knowledge : Understand the rules on pupil absence and the legal requirements for admission and attendance registers, parent penalties and authorised absence.

Nearly a third of parents believe school funding cuts are negatively affecting their child’s education. A majority of parents also say they’d prefer to see school spending increased rather than having their taxes cut [Tes Magazine- registration required]. 

Support from GovernorHub Knowledge: Get to grips with how to monitor and scrutinise the budget in finance committee meetings using our questions. 

Sustainability: new study shows that teachers don’t believe enough time is being spent teaching about climate change. Cambridge University Press and Assessment have called for an independent review on climate education [Schools Week].  

Support from GovernorHub Knowledge: Find out how to carry out your role as a sustainability link governor effectively.


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