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Work experience students take on school governance

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A fresh point of view...

This year The Key's work experience programme was back up and running and in early July we had 6 young people join teams around the company for a week. At GovernorHub and The Key for School Governors we had 2 students: Thira, from Stratford School Academy, and Jake, from St Thomas the Apostle College, and we weren't just putting them on tea and coffee duty!

Thira was tasked by the content team to write an article on school governance whilst Jake was asked by marketing to research whether we should join the fastest growing social media platform in the world: TikTok. 

Take a look at how they got on:

> School governance is missing something: YOU

GovernorHub work experience takes over TikTok

Know someone looking for work experience?

If your school or trust uses The Key keep an eye out on your notifications in March 2023 for details of how to apply for next year's work experience programme.

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