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Little words of (governance) wisdom

| 1 minute read
Christmas shapes Facebook Post 24

This advent, we’re sharing the brilliant advice, guidance and ‘governance knowledge’ you gave us when you entered our recent competition.

We’ll share a top tip each day and you’ll find the full collection of wisdom below.

Christmas The Hoot text Instagram Post Square

Day 1 - a friendly reminder to keep on top of your board’s succession planning 🗓️

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Day 2 - a nudge to keep your fellow board members in check where necessary 👀

Day 3 adent square

Day 3 - sort your KS2s from your SEMHs and your FSMs. Get your free resource to help out below ✔️

Christmas The Hoot text Instagram Post Square 2

Day 4 - Do you govern in an academy? Every trust does things differently and you need to know your trust’s approach which you’ll find in …🔎

Square advent text 1

Day 5 - a reminder that schools do so much more than many people realise 🏫

Day 6 advent textr square

Day 6 - an important one today. That problem you’ve been grappling with? Someone else has been there too. 🤗

Day 7 the hoot card

Day 7 - given the rollercoaster of the past few years, this is a must. Be thoughtful ✨

Day 8 advent square

Day 8 - we know you love a policy but do you live and breathe yours? 💟

Day 9 insta square

Day 9 - some wisdom today on the value of school visits 🏫

Square advent text 6

Day 10 - today’s tip is a good one: can you recite your school or trust vision? 👓

Square advent text 7 min

Day 11 - today’s wisdom is all about the glue that holds it all together! 🖊️

Day 12 square

Day 12 - get stuck in, that’s what today’s wisdom is all about ✋🏾

Day 13 square advent

Day 13 - a governance ‘biggie’ today...all about the evidence 📁

Day 14 square advent

Day 14 - How best to challenge your school leaders? Today’s wisdom is all about respectful relationships 🤝🏽

Day 15 square advent

Day 15 - shining a light on the useful input of school staff on a governing board 🧑🏽‍🏫

Day 16 square advent 2

Day 16 - your code of conduct matters 📄

Day 17 square advent

Day 17 - a tough but important aspect of governance 😔

Day 18 square advent

Day 18 - an oldie but a goodie, which reminds us of the importance of being strategic in our role and not delving into the operational ✍🏾

Day 19 square advent

Day 19 - today’s wisdom reminds us to bring different voices to the board table - especially those who’re currently underrepresented 🌏

Day 20 square advent

Day 20 - Be brave, be present, be kind. We like today’s tip 🤟🏽

Day 21 square advent

Day 21 - today’s tip is a helpful reminder that ‘doing’ isn’t necessarily the same as ‘meaningful change’.

Day 22 square advent

Day 22 - an important piece of wisdom today, make sure safeguarding and SEND are always front and centre in your board’s thinking 🪡

Day 23 square advent

Day 23 - today’s wisdom reminds us to take our training and development seriously.👏🏽

Day 24 square advent

Day 24 - we love this final bit of wisdom because someone sneaked an owl in! Merry Christmas one and all 🎄

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