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Who is leading governance in trusts?

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The growing role of the 'Governance Lead'

Nearly three-quarters of all large trusts now have a dedicated governance professional to manage governance, according to a recent survey by The Confederation of School Trusts.

We explored this developing role at our recent conference with a panel discussion hosted by 'Trust Governance Professionals'.

The panellists, who all lead governance in trusts, talked of how they came into the role, the growing value trusts are placing on what they do to support effective governance and the beginnings of a professional career pathway for the academy governance sector.




Trust Governance Professionals co-founder Emma Perkin says their organisation was borne out of a need to support this developing role which has grown in recognition in recent times.

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Philip Wells is Governance Manager at The Pope Francis Catholic Multi Academy Company. 

Since his recruitment, the trust now has an internal training programme to support local governors, regular briefings, mostly in-house clerking and it will soon have a more effective induction process.


Emma Myers is Head of Governance and Compliance at Invictus Education Trust. She was recruited when the trust looked to develop its governance following an external review and says her role has grown in profile and recognition since then.


Sarah Lay is Deputy Head of Governance at Co-op Academies. She says the trust has taken several steps to develop and prioritise governance in recent years.


There is a Level 4 Certificate in Academy Governance run by the Chartered Governance Institute for those working in academy schools.

But Emma Perkin from Trust Governance Professionals says a Level 4 Governance Officer apprenticeship is also in the pipeline from the CGI which is great news for the sector.


To find out more about Trust Governance Professionals, you can contact Emma Perkin at [email protected]

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