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Is GovernorHub ready for TikTok?

tiktok3 v3

Welcome to the world of school governance Jake!

Jake joined our marketing team in the London office for a week in July. His week started with a company induction with our HR team, a chat with our CEO Chris Kenyon, followed by "career question time" with members of staff. Next was an introduction to school governance... how much did he know about school governors, clerks and MATs?

Let's kick off

To get Jake into the swing of things he had a look at some marketing frameworks: The 4 Ps (product, price, place and promotion) and a marketing funnel (a graphic to look at how to engage and convert would-be customers). He also gathered information from our corporate websites and our social media channels (we're on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) to get a feel for our company, customers, products and the education sector in general.

Test and learn

Jake was set a task to update our cross-sell banner (or promotional section, in non-marketing speak) on The Key for School Governors. He read up on CTAs (calls to action) and the importance of engaging copy and learnt how to create a trackable link. Next was to set up a test. He looked at the page to send our viewers too (The Hoot's article on the future of governance webinar) and created 2 versions of copy with different, catchy CTAs and set the first version live. Then after a day he set the second version live to see if he could improve the interaction (number of clicks) in the next 24 hours.

cross sell test

 The images above show version 1 and version 2 of the homepage with the cross-sell banner. Can you spot the differences?

"One thing I enjoyed was updating the cross-sell banner. I enjoyed the creativity of coming up with a title, body text and my own CTA. I particularly enjoyed coming back the next day and checking the analytics to see how many people had used my banner, and how many people clicked on it."

The results

After checking the results, there were more clicks for the first version. Was it the emoji eyes that did it? We discussed whether it was a fair test as it was set on different days and only for 24hours. These were just a few things to consider in the future. See below the clicks, and some clicks that may have skewed the results a little when Jake himself clicked on it!

cross sell results

TikTok task

"The main part of the week was spent setting up and creating a TikTok account for GovernorHub. I created and filmed videos for the account, and brainstormed possible ideas for the future. It was incredibly satisfying to come in on Friday and see that we had gained followers, and had over 500 views on our first post! I had a lot of fun filming multiple different TikToks to go up on the account and watching the progress of what we had made."

Jake started the project by considered the pros and cons of joining TikTok:

tiktok GHsmall


  • There are roughly 3.1 million users between the age of 15 and  25 using TikTok in England, so by joining we can reach out to the younger population bearing in mind that TikTok remains mainly unused by companies in the UK. 

  • This could be taken advantage of as by posting fun, interesting and interactive posts we would be reaching out and gaining the interest of the younger people in society.

  • TikTok is relatively simple and easy to use and control



  • There has to be a regular pattern and constant flow of posts or people will lose interest and unfollow

  • Could take a lot of time to gain followers and could be quite time consuming having to constantly update and post on TikTok 

  • Possibility of a lack of interest from the younger people on TikTok


Next he came up with some ideas for posts:

  • Post short trimmed clips from podcasts and our blogs
  • Create comedic posts
  • Case study / customer feedback: interview someone who has used GovernorHub and had a good experience
  • Promote volunteering: are you young, do you want to give back to the community and help better the education for the young people - become a governor now
  • Answering peoples questions from previous posts


Then he researched some TikTok accounts for inspiration:


Let's make some TikToks

As a teaser clip Jake first posted our Ortoo animation, then he tried out some different styles of videos and messaging. Take a look at the videos below to see what he came up with!

Jake's feedback

"During my work experience I undertook many tasks in marketing at GovernorHub and enjoyed everything that we did. I loved the independence and freedom that I got, unlike the constant controlling and monitoring of a school environment. I had an incredible time and it was a brilliant experience getting a taste of what the world of work is like - I would 100% recommend it."

We wish Jake all the best in the future, it was great having a young perspective on governance, and someone with lots of ideas and energy.. keep your eyes peeled on our TikTok account, and why not give us a follow!

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