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In the news: your weekly round-up

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 MPs call on government to create a mental health absence code. There are also calls for a full review of mental health services, CAMHs, to combat soaring waiting lists. The Parliamentary education committee’s recommendations to tackle absence rates include mandatory daily attendance data collection [Schools Week]. 

Support from GovernorHub Knowledge: Be clear on what’s included in school attendance guidance and what’s expected from you when it comes to improving school attendance.

Prime Minister considering major reform of A-levels. Proposed changes include replacing A-levels with a new ‘British baccalaureate’, which could include the compulsory study of maths and English up to the age of 18 [BBC News]. 

Support from GovernorHub Knowledge:  Understand your role in monitoring the curriculum and how to know if your school is good.

Notable rise in number of Ofsted reports amended following formal complaints. After mounting criticism over its response to complaints, consultation has taken place over its complaints process [Tes magazine - registration required]. 

Support from GovernorHub Knowledge:  Keep abreast of developments with the latest updates from the world of Ofsted, which we review whenever we hear something new. 


This week’s headlines

 Schools Week


Tes Magazine - registration required




The Guardian 


Upcoming dates

Friday 29 September - Sukkot begins at sunset

Sunday 1 October - Black History Month begins

Wednesday 4 October - Walk and Roll to School Day

Wednesday 4 October - World Space Week begins

Thursday 5 October - World Teachers’ Day

Thursday 5 October - Autumn school census day


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