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In the news: your weekly round-up

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Ofsted to give schools more information about when to expect inspections. It’s hoped this will reduce anxiety, says Ofsted’s national director for education [Tes Magazine - registration required]. Make sure you’re prepared with our checklists for Ofsted.

English primary pupils ranked 4th globally for reading. England moves from 8th to the top 5 in the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (Pirls), with the gender gap for reading achievement also narrowing [BBC News]. Read how a literacy link governor can support your school’s approach to reading.

75% of teaching assistants (TAs) are considering leaving their role, new survey finds, with low pay and feeling undervalued the key drivers [The Guardian - free registration required]. Understand the rules and requirements for staffing restructures, so you can support your headteacher with any fall in staff numbers.

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Monday 22 May - National Epilepsy Week begins

Sunday 28 May - Pentecost



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