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In the news: your weekly round-up

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DfE delays publication of their updated recruitment and retention strategy. This is as a result of “uncertainty” over future planning and the prime minister’s plans for the Advanced British Standard (ABS) qualification [Tes Magazine - registration required].

Support from GovernorHub Knowledge: Stay compliant while showing your staff some appreciation, by giving them financial and non-financial rewards and incentives.

Two thirds of school inspection grades now match performance outcomes according to Ofsted analysis. Inspectors didn’t take exam results into account during the pandemic, but are slowly returning to using data in inspections [Schools Week]. 

Support from GovernorHub Knowledge: Use our checklists to stay Ofsted-ready as a governor, and brush up on what questions inspectors might ask you. 

Almost a third of A-level students feel they need more support with their mental health. The COVID Social Mobility and Opportunities (Cosmo) study also found that year 13 students in state schools are twice as likely as those in private schools to feel under supported [Tes Magazine - registration required]. 

Support from GovernorHub Knowledge: Get an idea of what wellbeing initiatives look like, how you can help to implement them, and how to monitor their impact. 


Schools Week


Tes Magazine - registration required


The Guardian 


Upcoming dates

Friday 10 November - World Science Day for Peace and Development

Saturday 11 November - Armistice Day

Sunday 12 November - Diwali/Deepavali

Monday 13 November - Anti-bullying week begins

Tuesday 14 November - World Diabetes Day

Wednesday 15 November - Autumn term GCSE exams period ends

Thursday 16 November - UK Disability History Month begins


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