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In the news: your weekly round-up

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Unions plan for co-ordinated strike action in the autumn. Leaders’ and teachers’ unions prepare to re-ballot members over pay, funding and workload, as the NEU’s industrial action saw half of schools partially closed on Tuesday [Tes Magazine - registration required and BBC News]. Remind yourself who needs to be told about new strike days, and see our questions to ask your headteacher about how they’re talking to staff about strikes

NHS pledges to fund school mental health support schemes for another year. Funding is available for around 500 teams supporting pupils with mild to moderate mental health challenges [Schools Week]. Don’t forget about staff wellbeing alongside pupils - take a look at our questions to ask about wellbeing to help you monitor staff welfare strategically. 

National Leaders of Governance scheme to end. DfE scraps review programme to support schools and trusts with ‘weak’ governance [Tes Magazine - registration required]. Take a look at our governing board self-evaluation resources to consider your board’s strengths and find out where to focus your development.

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Dates for next week

Monday 8 May - Bank holiday for the coronation of King Charles III

Monday 8 May - Victory in Europe (VE) Day

Tuesday 9 May - Key Stage 2 SATs begin


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